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Kashmir of South India

A verdant little strip of land sandwiched between the Arabian Sea and the mighty mountains of the Western Ghats, Kerala is an ancient and enchanting land. Her beauty pampers you into an external trance. Drink from her being and you float through a kaleidoscope of emotions. National Geographic has hailed Kerala as ‘One of 10 paradises of the world Natured by tradition. That is Kerala. The land laced by an endless stretch of white surf. A tapestry of intricate waterscape in myriad forms. A palette of rainbow hues. The lullaby of a million gurgling steams in artist. The Orchestra of a Zillion dancing green palms. A theatre of spell binding folk lore and festivals. A symphony of wind – kissed mountains. Kerala is a delightful Cock – tail of experiences. Munnar in the present days is a perfect holiday destination and is famous for various adventure pursuits such as trekking, paragliding, rope climbing and mountaineering. The enchanting atmosphere and friendly people of this place are simply going to win your heart.

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